INSIGNIA 2019 - Our annual tech fest aims to provide a platform full of opportunities to learn and experiment with the canvas of life and to paint whatever agitates the sleep of enthusiastic youth populace of India. Our team believes that every step, no matter how tiny, eventually adds up to generate a wave of something that can be enormous.

# Vision of campus

  • To provide professional competence to students with strong foundation in the core areas.
  • To continuously enrich the teaching learning process through linkages with industry, projects, Workshops, Seminars and Conferences.
  • To provide holistic education to the students through inter-disciplinary courses and
  • Life skill development programs i.e. co – scholastic & co – curricular activities.

# Tech fest 2018

The Technical Students Society of the campus proudly presented the annual technical festival on 6th April 2018. High levels of competence and dexterity were showcased in the Techfest 2018 by the future engineers from the host campus and from various institutes. All the participants got an opportunity to explore their niche by running codes in Java, flagging opponents in CS 1.6, facing time crunch in Robotic Obstacle Race, tiding up the thought process for Knowledge Mash etc. Dr. Jyoteesh Malhotra, the worthy Dean, while motivating the students to give their best emphasized the fact that along with the theoretical aspects the budding engineers need to polish their practical know how via the event.